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What is Nordic walking?


The 1930s, players of cross-country skiing started to adopt this training during summer season.
Institute of Sport of Finland, Association of outdoor recreation, pole manufacturer superimposed joint research.
The results of the research, positive effects on health have been observed.
Nordic Walking is very popular in Finland. Then mainly in Europe, and now it has become increasingly.
In recent years spread across the world.
In Japan, Japan Nordic Fitness Association has been established in 2007.

Point and Effects

① Regardless of age, gender, physical ability, we can begin easily according to the purpose.
② By using the two poles, the energy consumption to increase by about 20 percent on average compared to normal walking.
③ Have the effect of improving endurance, muscle strength of upper and lower body to strengthen.
④ Effect on cardiopulmonary function, blood circulation, lifestyle-related diseases, is also effective in the prevention of metabolic syndrome.
⑤ Can be carried out according to the purpose.
 Maintain health → health level
 Health-promoting physical fitness improvement →health fitness level
 Improve competition power → sport level
⑥ A sport that can be enjoyed while having a conversation with family and friends.


What you need

Nordic Walking Pole

For clothes

Clothes and shoes suitable for walking.

How to walk

The point is how to use the use of the pole.
You can start easily even at the first time.
Let's feel the depth that gradually.